The Food Technology Research Center was established in 1990 as Tokyo Metropolitan Food Technology Research Center with the aim of addressing various technological issues which food companies are facing.

In April 2021, Food Technology Research Center merged with Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute.

We are dedicated to promoting the food industry in Tokyo
and ensuring consumers quality diet by operating testing service, research and various support activities.

Our Business Outline

* Testing Service
We carry out various tests for a fee on food ingredients and processed foods on behalf of food companies.

* Research and Development
We implement research and development to resolve the isuues which food industry is facing.

Field of R&D
1. Development of technology to secure food safety
2. Elucidation and application of functional components
3. Environmentally-friendly food production technology
4. Food development using regional resources

* Joint Research and Development
We also perform research and development in collaboration with food companies, universities and other research institutes.

* Entrusted Service
We provide and carry out investigations, research, testing and special technical guidance on commission to resolve the issues which cannot be treated in usual testing and technical support services.

* Open Laboratory
Several test equipments and tools are available for a fee.

* Promotional Support Activities
We operate promotional support activities including technical advice, fee-based technical training, achievement presentations and field-specific study meetings.

We are now providing much of our information
only on Japanese Website pages.

For further information,
please contact us by E-mail or fax.

* Address: 1-9 Kanda-Sakuma-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0025, Japan

* FAX: +81-3-5256-9254

* E-mail (office)

* Access:
A three minute walk from Akihabara Station on the JR and Tsukuba Express lines.
Approx. Fifteen minutes from Tokyo Station
Ninety minutes from New Tokyo International (Narita) Airport


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